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“I had been suffering with hip pain for several months. It hurt to sit, to walk and to climb stairs. My doctor told me the pain was coming from my back, and someone recommended that I do my PT at Health Check. I’m glad I did. After 6 weeks of pushing, pulling, stretching and exercise machines, I’ve increased the strength of my back and hips. Tom and his staff are great!”

Elise Strapple – 05/04/2017

“I came Health Check with a herniated disc and had problems with my L5 and L4. I was not able to bend and I had a lot of weakness in my leg and foot. Tom, Jen and Yaseen were so awesome and really have gotten me back to normal. Everyone here at the office is so nice, and Anni is a great addition to the front! Thank you for everything and I would definitely prefer people to come here and work with all of you!”

Theresa Davis – 06/09/2016

Here are a few other testimonials from former patients.

“… From talking with people who had knee replacements, I was nervous about the pain associated with knee rehab. After spending 6 weeks, 3 days a week, at Health Check with Tom, Jenn and Yaseen I can definitely say that any pain was minimal. The massage therapy and manual therapy … used by Tom and Jenn definitely speeded up my recovery. …. Tom and his staff are friendly and accommodating. They evaluate you and design an individual program specific to your needs. For the last 2 years I have been walking with a limp. Now I am walking with a normal stride and it feels great… I will, without hesitation, recommend Health Check to anyone inquiring about an outpatient rehab facility.”

Mike Dominick – 12/31/2015

“This is my second experience w/ Health Check. The first occurred in Jan. 2010 when I fell on the ice and tore the rotator cuff. The orthopedic surgeon wanted to schedule surgery. I told him that I wanted to get in the best possible shape before surgery would be considered. He recommended Health Check. Six weeks after starting rehab Tom Suspenski told me that surgery would not be necessary. He was correct! I have not had a rotary cuff problem since 2010. The second time began in Dec. 2016 when after x-rays on the left knee it was recommended that PT be applied. Tom began by explaining what was causing the problem and what he would do to correct it. While Tom handled the manipulating, Yaseen guided me through the weight training and exercises. The result was excellent.”

Thomas Hall – 02/01/17

“Not only is Tom ‘The Best PT’ around, his center has a way of being professional, yet provide some laughs as you are struggling to complete your exercises. I am definitely a lifetime member of Health Check when it comes to my physical therapy needs.”

Laurie Menyo – 06/09/16

“Tom and his personnel have only your best interest in mind… I would recommend Health Check to all. Combining hands on and exercise programs give you a total package towards recovery.”

Constance Enoches – 10/07/16

“I came here after surgery for a torn meniscus. The staff has helped me strengthen to the point that I can get back to running.”

Mike Muzzo – 11/04/16

“They’ve done they’re job and done it well. I am able to reach above my head with out pain, swing a golf club and walk my dogs.”

Tina Breslin – 10/02/15

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“Before recent shoulder surgery, I had lost a considerable amount of weight. And as a result lost a considerable amount of muscle mass… a structured and committed “Health Check” rehab program allowed for the best schedule for improvement… that would reestablish that lost muscle mass.”

Mike Pilotti – 07/27/15

“Tom and his staff treated me with the utmost care during every visit and were very diligent on my road to recovery. I have now returned to cross fit with full movement… all without surgery.”

John Cox – 03/17/16

“I had difficulty moving my right arm, combing my hair and lifting things. I am now able to move my arm, comb my hair and lift things! As always Health Check fixed me up!”

Nancy Duca – 11/12/15

“I had severe pain in my right hip that prevented me from sitting and lifting my leg up… I have been to many physical therapy centers in my life and this is by far the one I would recommend most!”

Richard Southcott – 02/11/16


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