Pre Surgical and Post Rehabilitation Fitness Programs

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Pre Surgical Fitness Program

woman on treadmill during a fitness program

An individually designed pre surgical fitness program can help individuals lose weight and strengthen areas around joints. Such a fitness program often makes it more likely that an individual will experience a favorable post-surgical outcome.

Elective orthopedic surgery is an option many individuals consider when pain and functional decline make daily activities intolerable. Generally surgery, such as a total knee replacement, is well tolerated.

Some surgical candidates, particularly the elderly and others with certain medical issues, do not always experience a favorable post-surgical outcome. According to a study posted by the National Institutes of Health, surgical candidates predisposed to experience unfavorable surgical outcomes generally benefit from a pre surgical fitness program.

Post Rehabilitation Fitness Program

Individuals discharged from physical therapy often benefit from a post rehabilitation fitness program. An individually designed post rehabilitation fitness program comprised of therapeutic exercises often helps address lingering weaknesses. In addition, such a program may reverse any residual physical and functional decline.

Nutrition and Wellness

Nutrition and wellness go hand in hand with any fitness program. Information about basic nutrition and advanced nutritional technologies is available to both current and former patients (and friends) of Health Check Physical Therapy. Tom Suspenski, in particular, has extensive knowledge of nutritional supplements like whey protein. Tom can also recommend a combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes that may build and sustain lean muscle mass. This same combination may potentially boost your immune system as well. Tom further advocates a periodic regimen that may remove toxins stored in internal organs and fatty tissue.

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