Understanding Tennis Shoulder

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Understanding tennis shoulder is important since after years of playing tennis, you may notice your racquet-side shoulder droops both down and forward. Tennis shoulder is the term many use to describe this condition. Typically, this condition results from overstretching the posterior shoulder muscles during the completion phase of your serve. This drooped position changes the biomechanics of your shoulder joint as it moves through the phases of the serve and often causes discomfort. Frequently this discomfort results from impingement of the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder or other related inflammation.

Understanding Tennis Shoulder- Treating This Condition

Especially relevant to those who suffer from tennis shoulder is a program that strengthens the muscle groups that stabilize the shoulder. Included among these are shoulder shrugging exercises and other exercises that serve to pull your shoulder blades backwards. When done properly, these exercises often correct the problem that caused your shoulder to droop.

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