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At Health Check Physical Therapy we rely on a multi-faceted approach to patient education based on a various forms of communication. We do this because we consider patient education crucial to your treatment and recovery as well as your understanding of health and wellness in general. The forms of communication listed below provide but a brief introduction.

Forms of Communication

More Traditional

Discussions between a patient and their physical therapist serve to educate the patient. Therefore, such discussions typically answer questions or provide advice. Advice frequently addresses behaviors and activities that either promote recovery or potentially aggravate a condition. Hence its importance to patient and their physical therapist alike.

Handouts a physical therapist gives a patient serve an important purpose. They provide both visual and written reminders about how best to perform an exercise. Such exercises, when performed correctly, serve to reinforce treatment provided in the clinic.

Patient education articles serve to educate and inform patients and visitors alike about the nature of many common injuries and conditions. Furthermore, they allow us to share information on issues pertaining to overall health and wellness.

More Contemporary

Videos produced by Health Check Physical Therapy, including those found on our Website or on our YouTube channel, have proven quite effective since they educate a far larger and more diverse audience. As a result, our videos focus on concerns of broad interest.

Mailings, whether traditional or digital, allow us to share timely news or simply keep former patients up to date on what is happening at Health Check Physical Therapy. While our Newsletters appear on our Website, we also distribute them via traditional mailings. Digital mailings serve a slightly different purpose. Due to immediate delivery, digital mailings permit us to notify both current and former patients of special offers and events in a manner that is timely.

Finally, social media ties all of our educational and informational efforts together. Due to our Facebook page we have an ability to engage both current and former patients. In addition, Facebook permits us to extend a helping hand to new patients who reside within our service area.

Please refer to our patient education for additional information.


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