Patient Education

Health Check

Approach and Communication

Since we are first and foremost a physical therapy clinic, Health Check Physical Therapy considers patient education essential to fulfilling its responsibilities. Because of that sense of obligation we rely on many different approaches. Especially noteworthy among these approaches are various forms of communication. While some forms of communication are quite traditional, other forms of communication are a bit more contemporary. Since all are important at one time or another, we encourage you to learn more about how we communicate and the forms of communication we use.


In addition, we encourage you to review some or all of the following articles. Since they are from our “Understanding…” series they serve to educate and inform patients (and visitors alike) about the nature of many common injuries and conditions. Furthermore, they allow us to share information on issues pertaining to overall health and wellness.

Due to the fact that these articles are written for patients, and not medical professionals, you should find them both quick and easy to read. While you may be a patient in treatment for a specific condition, should any article address an injury or condition of which we are unaware, we encourage you to discuss that injury or condition with us.


Finally, if you are interested in a topic not currently addressed within our educational articles, we encourage you to contact us and share your interest.

Please refer to our patient resources for additional information that is crucial to both new and returning patients.


Health Check encourages you to contact us to schedule an appointment for the treatment you need.