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Among the following patient resources Health Check Physical Therapy presents information crucial to your treatment, your responsibilities and your understanding. Our staff encourages you to review the first two resources carefully prior to your first scheduled appointment.

Additionally, our staff invites you to peruse a special series of educational briefs in the belief that an informed patient is more knowledgeable with respect to their treatment and their own role in achieving successful outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Other Patient Resources

May I select my own physical therapist or physical therapy clinic?

Absolutely is the simplest answer. You are under no obligation to use a physical therapist or a physical therapy clinic just because a name appears a list someone hands to you.

What can I expect during my first visit?

During your first visit, you will undergo an assessment by your physical therapist. The first part of your assessment involves a comprehensive review of your medical history including the results of recent, relevant diagnostic tests and medical procedures. The second part of your assessment identifies deficiencies related to strength, range of motion and function. The last part of your assessment involves a discussion of the pain levels you experience during various activities.

Information gathered by your physical therapist during your assessment serves as the basis for a personal treatment plan that your physical therapist will discuss with you. Should time remain following your assessment, treatment may begin.

When should I arrive for my first visit?

If you download, print and complete all required patient forms, 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment is more than adequate. If not, please allow 20 minutes or so to complete all required forms.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

In addition to information about your medical history and the results of recent, relevant diagnostic tests and medical procedures, please bring the following.

  • Valid photo identification (your driver’s license or your passport)
  • A prescription or a doctor referral (an exception is noted below)
  • Your medical insurance card(s)

How should I dress for my appointments?

Dress comfortably, preferably in loose fitting clothes. Patients often find that athletic attire like sweat pants or shorts (depending on the season) works quite well.

Should I have a billing question, who should I contact?

While we go to great lengths to handle most billing matters for you, should you have a question or concern please call 610.269.5070 and ask for the Office Manager or contact us via email.

Do I always need a prescription or a physician referral?

Please refer to our information on Direct Access Physical Therapy to understand why patients don’t always need a prescription from a physician.

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Health Check encourages you to contact us to schedule an appointment for the treatment you need.