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Health Check Physical Therapy offers a series of informative (and free) events, including workshops and seminars, to individuals living within the communities we serve. This series includes events that focus on a wide range of topics. Some topics were suggested to us by current or former patients. Others arose from our own observations. All topics delve into common challenges most of us face at one time or another in our lives. While attending an event is free, event registration is both necessary and important.

Should any of the topics in the series listed below seem interesting or intriguing, please fill out the Event Registration Form at the bottom of this page. When you fill out the Event Registration Form you typically have an opportunity to select an event and a date that suits your personal schedule. As noted below, however, there are some exceptions.

Event Topics

Low Back Pain or Sciatica
Wellness Program Seminar
Free Exam for Most Past and Present Clients and Others
Spring Open House
Special Events**

All events in this series, except Special Events**, are held at Health Check Physical Therapy’s location in Downingtown, PA. Directions to our facility may be found here.

** – Special events are typically held at the host organization’s location and registration is limited to members of that organization unless stated otherwise. Should you wish to arrange a special event for your organization (e.g., small business), we encourage you to contact us. Generally special events delve into topics like common injuries, including prevention and treatment, or other issues related to health and wellness.

Should a need arise to either cancel or postpone an event for any reason, especially inclement weather, a notice will appear on our Home page.

Finally, most events occur at the time noted when you register. Should you register for an event that states "Time is as scheduled" or "Date is as scheduled" then expect us to call you to schedule or to confirm an appointment.

Event Registration Form

Please enter all required information and select the event you wish to attend. You will receive a confirmation via email.

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Health Check encourages you to contact us to schedule an appointment for the treatment you need.