Our Community

Health Check

At Health Check Physical Therapy we help our community by giving back to both non-profit organizations and other small businesses in and around Chester County.

Non-profit Organizations In Our Community

Each year we evaluate numerous non-profit organizations in order to identify those that share and reflect our values.

During 2017 Health Check Physical Therapy is supporting the Lionville Youth Association (LYA) and its many volunteers since they promote youth fitness, the value of teamwork and healthy competition.

If not familiar with LYA, we encourage you to learn more about this organization. In addition, we encourage you to discover other small businesses that support LYA.

Small Businesses In Our Community

Both small businesses and non-profit organizations often seek information on health and wellness on behalf of their employees or members. Of particular interest to many is injury prevention and treatment. As a result, Tom Suspenski offers free seminars on a wide range of topics including various combinations of those listed below.

✓ Shoulder and rotator cuff injuries
✓ Hamstring and knee injuries
✓ Neck and back injuries
✓ Ankle and foot injuries
✓ Preventing Long-Term Pain After Knee or Hip Joint Replacement
✓ Why Ligament Sprains or Muscle Strains Often Heal Poorly
✓ Avoiding Injuries Caused By Weight Training
✓ Three Causes of Back Pain

All seminars for small businesses and non-profit organizations include information on self and professional treatment options. In addition, these seminars are held on site at the location of either the small business or the non-profit organization.

In conclusion, if you would like to discuss a free seminar on Health and Wellness tailored to the needs of your employees or members we encourage you to call and speak to Tom Suspenski or the Office Manager.

Health Check encourages you to contact us to schedule an appointment for the treatment you need.